Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Being Here Now

Since I  was diagnosed I have talked about how my attitude has changed and I have become much more present.  But the diagnosis has quite an effect on others as well.

Everyone is really nice to me all the time now.  Almost the first thing my wife said to me (after we were done crying) was that she could never be mad at me again.  This change occurred in my friends as well.  Anything in the past that may have happened between us is forgiven and forgotten.  This means that when I talk to people now who are close to me, everyone in the conversation is in the moment.  We now have wonderful talks free of any past judgments and problems.  No one ignores me anymore.  All my relationships have been renewed and all that matters are the commonalities that brought us together in the first place. People are not afraid to share their thought and feelings with me and I to them.  It is so much more open, honest and wonderful.
I have become a walking talking reminder to everyone that I am with to be in the moment and enjoy it.  I never would have imagined that something like this could happen.  I’m not going to lose it and I hope that I continue to have this effect on people. It will be my intention.

I wonder if this happens to those who have attained this state without this sort of trigger?

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  1. Yes, it does. Other's don't necessarily change; perception of them does.