Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Consciousness field, part 2, the function of the Ego

If consciousness arises out of an interaction between matter and the consciousness field, then what is the purpose of the ego?

The ego has been postulated to be a developmental stage that should be shed to achieve adulthood.  So then the point of having an ego is to allow the undeveloped organism to grow, feed and learn about the physical world.  The ego then is necessary for the biological organism to learn how to exist and thrive within its environment.  Once the basic skills and knowledge have been gained, then the ego is no longer necessary.  But it doesn’t go away!  We keep this remnant of our childhood all our lives.  It prevents us from realizing our full potential and keeps us in a continual state of dissatisfaction.  The fully realized mind should be able to move between the field and the physical realm easily.  Without the field, we can’t even think properly.  The ego keeps us chatting constantly about ways to compare ourselves to others and prevents us from thinking about what is actually important.

How do we surpass our egos and become fully realized beings? As Joseph Campbell said “Can the ego put itself to death?”  It cannot, the first step then is to stop identifying with the ego.

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