Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Consciousness Field, part 3, how the ego controls us

If the ego has assumed this function of preventing us from connecting to the consciousness field, how does it do this?  I’m going to talk about my observation of my own ego, which used its own methods of controlling my behavior.  Yours probably does some of the same things, but also uses other methods suited to your personality.

Egoic mind control

1.)  instill the belief that there is nothing more than the ego state
2.)  make your meditation feel empty and pointless
3.)  controls your emotional state to prevent change or improvement.  My ego controlled me by making me feel depressed and anxious all the time.  I struggled to get through the day. If people tried to help me I would become angry and their words would not be heard by me.  If you feel that your emotional state is strictly determined by your life circumstances, this is your ego telling you that.  When I assumed responsibility and control over my own emotional state, I broke the ego control and my practices become much more effective.
4.)  prevents us from using that part of our mind that is intended to connect us to the field.  This has two parts, 1 - not using this ability prevents us from learning to use it, 2- not using it prevents us from developing the neural connections we need to make it a natural way of being and thinking.
5.)  constantly flooding the mind with pointless thoughts about people and events in our lives.  Rehashing the same thoughts over and over about some event in the past, thinking that we are under attack from outside of ourselves, justifying our anger, sadness or other emotions.  Feeling useless, powerless, pointless and thinking about this all the time.
6.) Filtering and judging our sensory information so that we are not fully engaged with the world.
7.) Judging other creatures to be inferior to us and unimportant.
8.) Seeing our self as separate from the world and not integrated into it.  Seeing ourselves as not dependent on the world and the ecosystem for everything we need.  All of our companions on the Earth went through the same multi-billlion year journey to get to this place.  All are amazing and complex, even the rocks and soil.

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